Are Reusable Air Filters Really Effective?

Disposable air filters are more effective at trapping small particles, such as pet dander, bacteria, viruses, or smoke. Washable air filters, on the other hand, usually only protect against large particles, such as dust. Filter manufacturers rate the effectiveness of air filters using a scale called the MERV rating table, which represents the minimum value of reports of efficiency. The cheapest disposable air filters are between one and four on this scale, while microparticle air filters are known to rank higher than 14th in their MERV classification.

Unfortunately, reusable air filters do not perform better than low-quality products, as they measure less than four on the MERV scale. This makes them a failure for homes where air quality is a problem. Washable air filters are a great option for people looking to save money. However, this type of filter can only remove large particles from the air in your home. Because this type of filter includes a maximum MERV rating of 4, it cannot remove pet dander or smoke from the air.

If your spouse or children have allergies or asthma, a washable air filter isn't the right choice for your home. Maintaining a washable air filter is easy. All you need to do is wash it with water and spray it with a specialized filter cleaner, which you can buy online.

Washable air filters

are a practical option because they only need to be cleaned a couple of times a year. In comparison, fiberglass air filters are only designed with an average lifespan of 30 days and require a great deal of maintenance. When comparing washable oven filters to disposable filters, you'll notice that a washable filter is less harmful to the environment.

Disposable air filters available for sale on the market have a MERV rating of 16 or lower. The decision to switch to a reusable filter depends on your air quality needs. While both types of filters can reliably protect your heating or cooling system, disposable filters are often known for their superior overall performance. An air filter with a higher rating is designed to remove smaller types of contaminants from the air. You won't need to buy washable filters very often, so the long-term cost of washable filters is likely to be equal to or lower than that of disposable filters.

However, don't rely on a reusable filter serve to avoid pet dander or smoke.

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