Do Expensive Car Air Filters Really Make a Difference?

When you're shopping for car parts, you may come across air filters that promise more power and torque than factory filters. These high-flow air filters don't need to be changed as often, since they don't get clogged as quickly or easily. But do they really make a difference?The answer is yes. High-flow air filters can increase your power by 3 to 5 HP and also increase your torque.

This can improve fuel efficiency and performance. Some of the more expensive units come with a cold air intake unit, which draws in air from outside the car instead of using hot air from inside the engine compartment. Cold air is denser and will therefore burn better, boosting engine performance. One issue to consider is that high-performance filters can expose the engine to more debris and contaminants. To measure the airflow of a particular air filter, you will need two pressure gauges and connections to pierce the air intake before and after installing the filter.

Unless you're willing to spend a lot of money on a K&N filter that can be cleaned, there may not be any real benefits of upgraded air filters. When performing routine maintenance on your vehicle, it's important to remember the air filter. According to filter technology, high airflow and high particle removal are somewhat incompatible. Recently I did an oil change and the technician at Jiffy Lube tried to sell me an expensive air filter. I tested an all-new market-leading air purifier filter with a standard Ford factory paper filter. It's very similar to a vacuum cleaner; when you notice a decrease in power; a dirty filter can literally cause air to pass through at the expense of the vehicle's energy.

However, getting to it can be difficult (it was placed downwards, on the right front fender).In conclusion, expensive car air filters can make a difference in terms of power, torque, fuel efficiency, and performance. They also come with cold air intake units that draw in denser cold air for better burning. However, they may expose your engine to more debris and contaminants, so it's important to weigh the pros and cons before making a choice.

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